Starbucks Center

In order to facilitate Starbucks’ long term expansion needs, Ron Wright and Associates Architects provided consultation and documentation services for continuing life safety upgrades to the Starbucks Center Building. These upgrades included improvements to the exit stairs, stairway access and communications, passenger elevators, freight elevators, exit paths, control room, and fire sprinkler system, ensuring that all meet the provisions of the Seattle Building Code and Seattle Fire Code for high-rise Buildings.

After the Nisqually Earthquake in February 2001, the upgrade work was integrated with work to repair damage to Starbucks Center. This included replacing the elevators and the elevator shafts, and rebuilding parts of the stairways. The existing brick of the exterior facades was so damaged that all of the cladding had to be replaced. This was done so the new elevations would match what the building looked like when it was built in 1914. All of the window systems were replaced as well, and the damaged terra cotta decorative elements on the building were replaced with both pre-cast concrete and GFRC elements.

All of our work at Starbucks Center was done in voluntary compliance with National Park Service guidelines by direction of the owner.

Starbucks rendering